5 Marketing Secrets For Small Business Owners

Small business owners are unfortunately finding out that marketing online isn’t as easy as it has been said. There’s a lot of competition to contend with and many corporations are way ahead of the game and have been employing popular marketing tactics for years. The only way that you can make a difference in your online marketing as a small business is if you understand that you need to take a completely different approach from that of corporations. When planning your next marketing campaign, we urge you to take a look at the list of top marketing secrets below!

1. You need to understand your customers and your future customers. In order to persuade someone that they can benefit from your products or services, you need to understand their needs on a completely different level. Sure, it’s important to know the age, location, and income of your intended audience, but good marketing goes beyond that. You need to craft a message for your business that customers can easily identify and relate to.

A close friend of mine took this picture last night in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Thought you might enjoy it as much as I do.

2. Create a marketing campaign that solely focuses on the benefit of your business. Telling people that you use top notch technology or have years of experience makes your company appear professional, but it does nothing in the way of explaining the actual benefits of the services and the products you offer. You need to get into the mind of the average consumer and consider what they would deem beneficial in regards to your business.

3. Track the response rate of each marketing campaign you create. You can advertise anywhere and everywhere, but you’ll be wasting money if you don’t learn from your mistakes. For example, placing banner ads on Facebook may seem cost effective, but if you find that investing in SEO helps your business more, it’s where you should be putting your money. You can’t ultimately figure out what works for your business and what doesn’t without properly taking notes and tracking the success of your campaign.

4. Establish trust with your first marketing campaigns before you start marketing directly to your consumers. Content marketing is a solid way to establish a relationship with your consumers by teaching them something new through videos, blogging, and articles. You will have to spend a few months doing this for free, but you will eventually find that people trust you more in the process.

5. Don’t just start aimlessly marketing and hoping that something will happen. Marketing is an exact science, and there’s a reason many people look to statistics for help. Create a plan that lists, at least, five marketing strategies you hope to employ in a given year and use your calendar to help you set a timeframe for these activities.

If you fail to plan for the future of your company, you will easily be replaced by corporations. Remember, this world is competitive and there’s no room for the little guys that aren’t willing to put in the extra work when it comes to marketing.